Cytological studies of some Indian liverworts

Published online: 
1 April 2016

Article Id
Lindbergia 39: 7–11, 2016

Sunita Kapila

S. Kapila (, Dept of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh, PIN-160014, India.

Cytological studies are made in nine species of liverworts belonging to seven genera collected from different areas of Chakrata and Deoban in Uttarakhand, W. Himalaya. The chromosome numbers in four species (Calypogeia renistipula Steph., n = 9; Cephalozia gollani Steph., n = 9; Chiloscyphus campanulatus Steph., n = 9; C. coadunatus ( Sw.) Engel & Schust., n = 9) are recorded for the first time. In Porella platyphylla (L.) Pfeiff. n = 9 is counted for the first time in India. Precocious disjunction of one bivalent in the chromosome complement is observed in Frullania retusa Mitt. Laggards are observed in Calypogeia renistipula.