Herbertus ramosus (Herbertaceae, Marchantiophyta) – an addition to Indian bryoflora from Arunachal Pradesh with a note on H. sendtneri

Published online: 
15 March 2016

Article Id
Lindbergia 39: 1–6, 2016

Siddhartha Singh Deo and D. K. Singh

S. Singh Deo, Botanical Survey of India, Central National Herbarium, Howrah – 711 103, India. – D.K. Singh (singh_drdk@rediffmail.com), Botanical Survey of India, CGO Complex, 3rd MSO Building, F Block (5th Floor), Salt Lake Sector I, Kolkata – 700 064, India.

Herbertus ramosus (Steph.) H.A.Mill. and H. sendtneri (Nees) Lindb. are described and illustrated from West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern Himalaya, India. This constitutes the first record of H. ramosus in Indian bryoflora. It is easily distinguished from hitherto known Indian species of the genus by orange brown plants having falcate leaves with acute leaf lobes 23–40 cells wide at base, up to 8 cells uniseriate towards apex, strongly expanded basal leaf lamina on dorsal side, and strong grooved vitta. Identification key to the Indian species of the genus is provided and its distribution in the country is discussed.