The late Eva Clausen’s collections from west and southwest Greenland 1955

Published online: 
15 July 2014

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Kell Damsholt

K. Damsholt (, Botanical Garden and Museum, Univ. of Copenhagen. Øster Farimagsgade 2 B, DK-1353 Copenhagen K., Denmark.


 Eva Clausen was a Danish botanist, known for her experimental work with the tolerance of liverworts; many of her collections that contribute to the knowledge of liverwort flora of Denmark, the Faeroes and Greenland, were donated to herbarium C after her death. One of those are collections from her trip to the west coast of Greenland in summer 1955. Only an minor part of them were worked up by Eva Clausen herself, and she never published the results of her expedition. The author of ‘The liverworts of Greenland’ (2013), Kell Damsholt has identified ca 700 specimens and examined three note books written by Eva Clausen on the trip. He found about 80 taxa of hepatics in the collections. Most of the species collected by Eva Clausen are found within their known distribution range in Greenland. Though her collections of Lophozia rubescens R. M. Schust. & Damsh. from Frederikshåb, Egedesminde and Disko Island fill in the gab in the known species distribution (the species was known only from two localities in the southernmost Greenland and one on Disko Island). The collection of Apomarsupella revoluta (Nees) R. M. Schust. at Holsteinsborg is the southernmost on the west coast of Greenland and seems promising for future records from south Greenland, from where collections are missing, probably because of too few collections from areas close to the inland ice. The record of Cephaloziella grimsulana (J. B. Jack ex Gottsche et Rabenh.)Lacout. at Disko, Godhavn adds to the distribution of this rather rare, northern species in Greenland and so does the record of Cephaloziella massalongi (Spruce) Müll. Frib. at Disko, Godhavn, Blæsedalen. A female plant of Odontoschisma elongatum (Lindb.) A. Evans was found at Disko, Godhavn, for the first time from Greenland.