An overview of family Pottiaceae (Bryopsida) in central India with special reference to Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve (PBR)

Published online: 
13 April 2011

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Virendra Nath, A. K. Asthana and Reesa Gupta

V. Nath, A. K. Asthana ( and R. Gupta, Bryology Laboratory, National Botanical Research Inst., 226 001 Lucknow, India.

The family Pottiaceae is one of the dominant acrocarpous moss family of India, with approximately 26 genera and 130 species being encountered. The present work intends to take up distribution of the members of the family in the central Indian region with nearly 22 taxa being reported earlier. Achanakmar – Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Bhimbetka world heritage site, Gujarat, Mt. Abu and Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve (PBR) are some important hotspots of bryophyte vegetation in central India. Among these, PBR listed under UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme is an important site of bryophyte vegetation. Mosses of PBR however have not been studied until now. Here we assess the status of family Pottiaceae in central Indian zone along with providing an illustrated account of eight species encountered from PBR. Among these, Hyophila spathulata (Harv.) Jaeg. and Oxystegus teneuirostre (Hook. et Tayl.) A.J.E. Smith are new additions to central India, while Semibarbula ranuii Gangulee and Weissia edentula Mitt. are being reported from PBR for the first time.