Plagiochilion braunianum (Plagiochilaceae, Marchantiophyta) – an addition to the Indian bryoflora from eastern Himalaya

Published online: 
26 November 2013

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Shuvadeep Majumdar, Siddhartha Singh Deo and Devendra K. Singh

S. Majumdar and S. Singh Deo, Botanical Survey of India, Central National Herbarium, Howrah – 711 103, India. – D. K. Singh (, Botanical Survey of India, CGO Complex, 3rd MSO Building, F Block (5th Floor), Salt Lake Sector I, Kolkata – 700 064, India.

Plagiochilion braunianum (Nees) S.Hatt., earlier known from China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Malesia and Melanesia, is here reported from Arunachal Pradesh, eastern Himalaya, India. In fact, the taxon P. braunianum was reported from Sikkim and Bengal in India already in 1861 by Mitten, but the accessions, collected by J. D. Hooker, that were the basis of this report have later been revised to belong to another species, P. mayebarae. This is, therefore, a new record for the Indian bryoflora. The species can be readily distinguished from the hitherto known Indian species of the genus in having suborbicular to reniform leaves with entire margin, except the ones immediately below the female bracts. Identification key to the Indian species of the genus is provided.