Pyramidula tetragona (Brid.) Brid. rediscovered in Fennoscandia and new to Norway

Published online: 
10 July 2012

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Torbjørn Høitomt, Leif Appelgren, Niklas Lönnell, Kåre Arnstein Lye and Kristian Hassel

T. Høitomt (, Stiftelsen BioFokus, Gaustadalléen 24, NO-0149 Oslo, Norway. – L. Appelgren, Ambio miljørådgivning AS, Godesetdalen 10, NO-4034 Stavanger, Norway. – N. Lönnell, PO Box 25195, SE-750 25 Uppsala, Sweden. – K. A. Lye, Dept of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Norwegian Univ. of Life Sciences, PO Box 5003, NO-1432 Ås, Norway. – K. Hassel, NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway.

The threatened moss Pyramidula tetragona is rediscovered in Fennoscandia and found for the first time in Norway. The species has recently been classified as regionally extinct both in Sweden and Finland, and it is thus highly surprising that we can present four new localities from southeast Norway. All localities are or have been influenced by agriculture through grazing or cereal crop production.