Volume 35

Here you can read Lindbergia papers published 2012 (Volume 35).

ISSN 0105-0761

22 November 2012

The annual excursion of the Nordic Bryological Society (NBS) to Öland (Sweden) in 2011

Tomas Hallingbäck and Crister Albinsson
24 October 2012

Grimmia dissimulata new to Scandinavia

Michael Lüth
22 October 2012

Ephemerum cohaerens and E. rutheanum: persistent annual bryophytes in the Dutch Rhine floodplain

Rienk-Jan Bijlsma, Jurgen Nieuwkoop and Henk Siebel
22 October 2012

Heinjo During’s retirement enables him to focus fully on bryology

Marinus J. A. Werger and Fred J. A. Daniëls
10 July 2012

Pyramidula tetragona (Brid.) Brid. rediscovered in Fennoscandia and new to Norway

Torbjørn Høitomt, Leif Appelgren, Niklas Lönnell, Kåre Arnstein Lye and...
24 January 2012

Distribution and ecology of Trichocolea tomentella in Norway

Knut Rydgren, Odd E. Stabbetorp and Hans H. Blom